Bitlife MOD APK v3.14.6 (Menu, Unlimited Bitizenship, God Mode)

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July 9, 2024


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BitLife MOD APK is a simulation game based on real-life scenarios, offering unlimited money, free shopping, unlocked unlimited bitizenship and God mode.

What is BitLife APK?

The life simulation experience provided by BitLife APK is influenced by the choices made by players. Truly, individual life journeys are shaped by the unique outcomes of each decision. Have you ever stopped to consider the importance of your daily decisions, knowing that both successes and failures are part of everyone’s experiences?

BitLife is intricately designed using elements that may seem ordinary but are often overlooked. Through in-game simulations, players are prompted to consider their behavioral patterns. The consequences of each decision across various scenarios are frequently overlooked. Immerse into the game, explore its diverse scenarios, and glean insights from the questions it poses.

bitlife unlocked mod apk

Introduction to BitLife MOD APK

BitLife MOD APK is the modified version of the original standard version. This version comes up with slight changes in it but offers more than the original one. This mod version comprises the same gameplay and offers you to avail many more features that can be used by paid subscription.

This MOD APK of Bitlife provides you all these premium features at no cost. With the MOD version, you gain access to unlimited money and gems, free shopping, bitizenship, and all unlocked features. Additionally, you can enjoy an enhanced God Mode experience.

Gameplay of BitLife latest MOD APK

BitLife’s main focus is on building good habits for a happy life. From infancy to adulthood, you’ll encounter numerous thrilling experiences. You’ll do lots of different activities like contests, hanging out with friends, and joining clubs to do well.

You need to keep an eye on your health, smarts, happiness, and looks to do your best in the game. Doing fun stuff keeps you happy, learning in school makes you smarter, staying fit makes you look good, and having a steady job makes sure you have enough money. Managing your job and money well helps make sure you and your future family have a nice life.

Features of BitLife Simulator MOD APK

Customize Your Character

Commence your BitLife journey by creating a character that mirrors your individual preferences. This functionality enables players to choose from a diverse range of physical and personality traits, laying the foundation for their character’s life journey.

The background details of your character, such as name, gender, and nationality, are customized, meticulously crafting your digital identity.

Life Events

As players advance through BitLife, they encounter various life events that demand decision-making, from childhood to old age. This feature captures the intricate nature of life’s unpredictability, ensuring that each time you play, you’ll encounter a unique and challenging experience..

Career Choices

Within the game, there are myriad career paths ready to be explore. Opting for the one that resonates most with your interests will plunge you into a lively world brimming with a variety of decisions to make. BitLife acts as a medium to showcase the outcomes of these choices. Who knows? Engaging in the game could potentially provide valuable insights for navigating real-life decisions.

Free time Machine

With the premium MOD version of BitLife APK, free time Machine feature is also available. This feature let you to travel across the time. You can move back to your past or can skip many years from your life. This feature can prove beneficial if used correctly.

MOD Menu

MOD Menu is also offered to you when you Opt for updated version of MOD APK of BitLife. This MOD menu gives you access to premium features including free shopping, unlimited money, variety of career choices and many more. All these features ca be used by click single by BitLife MOD APK.

God Mode

With the BitLife Mod APK god mode, you gain control over different facets of your character’s life, such as aging, relationships, and even mortality. This level of authority allows for the shaping of your character’s life trajectory, with decisions impacting their journey from birth.

All Unlocked and Free

In the modified version, all premium features become accessible without the need for payments. This provides you with the liberty to enjoy exclusive features such as pets, exotic vehicles, and additional scenarios without any cost.  As a result, a more engaging and improved gaming experience is enjoyed without the usual restrictions on premium content.


To gain access to Bitizenship in the game, you can unlock it by applying the BitLife God Mode redeem code after buying it. Normally priced at $2.99, you can utilize the APK file offered on this page to enjoy this feature without charge. With this MOD APK file, you’ll be able to enjoy all the premium features of the game.

Unlimited Money

In this modified version, where money is unlimited, you can acquire anything you desire without worrying about expenses. This encompasses indulging in extravagant cars, opulent estates, and satisfying any other desires within the game. The inclusion of the unlimited money feature enhances gameplay, allowing for a more personalized and exceptional virtual life experience.

All Challenges Conquered with the BitLife MOD APK

Gamers are provided with a potent resource to tackle any obstacles encountered within the game through the MOD IPA package. By leveraging unlimited money and Bitizenship to their benefit, players gain an advantage, while God Mode empowers them with total control over their character’s destiny. With complete autonomy in their virtual world, gamers can establish their own guidelines and shape the trajectory of their journey to success within the BitLife universe.

Free Shopping

Access to a wide range of choices is granted by BitLife Mod APK Free Shopping. Fully immerse yourself in the game, acquiring items and upgrades without any concerns about costs. Enhance your gaming experience effortlessly and embark on exciting new adventures. Say goodbye to spending money at the virtual store and acquire essential items in the game at no cost whatsoever.

No Ads

Enjoy the game, without being disturbed by those irritating ads. With the MOD version of BitLife Premium APK all ads are removed some that you can enjoy the game smoothly and without any disturbance.

bitlife modded apk

Download BitLife MOD APK for Android, iOS and PC

The download and Installation process for BitLife MOD APK is quite simple and includes a few steps. The download is absolutely free for you.

For Android

  • Uninstall the original version of the BitLife from your device.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources by navigating through your device settings.
  • Press the download button given over here and APK will be downloaded in no time.
  • Then install the APK file and start enjoying the game.

For iOS

MOD APK files are not available in the Apple store so you need to opt for another choice to get the BitLife MOD APK.

  • You need jailbreaking for the installation of such MOD files but absolutely that’s not a secure method.

For PC

  • To install Android APK files on your PC, you’ll need to have an Android Emulator installed on your Windows system.

Final Thoughts

In essence, the typical life simulation category is surpassed by BitLife, delivering a unique and captivating experience. With its variety of situations and decisions, numerous virtual lives can be engaged in by players, with each playthrough presenting new and interesting experiences owing to its unpredictable nature.

Beyond mere entertainment, the diverse aspects of human life are reflected by this game. From challenging decisions to moments of happiness, the entire range of emotions in life is encompassed by BitLife. Prepare to become completely absorbed in this compelling adventure!


There are no security concerns with the MOD version of BitLife. You can use the application without worrying about the safety of your device.

The mod version gives you access to all the premium features at no cost while in the standard version you need to buy a subscription to use all these features.

To initiate your BitLife journey, the app can be downloaded from either Google Play or the App Store. Upon installation, the app should be opened, your character created, and life decisions that will shape your virtual narrative should be made.

Yes, BitLife can be played on multiple devices. However, to synchronize gameplay across devices, being logged into the same account is necessary. This guarantees that your progress in the game is saved and can be accessed from any device.

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