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Lumber Inc MOD APK is the unlocked premium modded version of Lumber Inc simulation game with unlimited money, diamonds for shopping and unlock all staff roles, building for impressive gaming experience.

Overview of Lumber Inc APK 

Lumber Inc  APK, you can start your lumber business, a simulation game that keeps you captivated and ensures an engaging experience from start to expansion. Similar to the real-world scenario of starting a business with limited resources, the game kicks off with modest equipment, minimal labor, and fundamental building materials.

Your business progresses, providing additional resources like labor, staff, and other essentials for further growth when you make progress with the levels. This game authentically reflects the challenges and rewards of actual entrepreneurship.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Overview of Lumber Inc MOD APK 

Lumber Inc is a game designed for lumber businesses, offering valuable insights and tips for your wood business exploration. The free  original version comes with certain restrictions imposed by the developer, having some limitations to access to premium features which are paid.

To address this, we introduce the Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK, which offers unlimited currency for free shopping, unlocks all staff roles, and provides access to all buildings. Unlimited diamonds are included for efficient material transport through vehicle upgrades and maintenance. You can enjoy the flawless gaming experience, by getting premium hacked version, which removes all annoying ads.

Lumber Inc Gameplay

As you are the main character in this game, the success of your business depends on your dedicated efforts to obtain  resources and prevent any mishaps in production. Utilize the resources from nearby forests for processing trees and woods to ensure a consistent supply.  You need to build a team of skilled employees, including laborers, planners, architects, operations personnel, cleaners, accountants, and transportation services while you’re starting a new venture or expanding an existing one.

The game offers rewards in the form of money and gems while you’re making progress to levels and missions. These rewards are instrumental in advancing your virtual business. Accumulating in-game money is essential for acquiring necessary items like furniture, construction materials, ceilings, windows, rooms, and other essential elements. The funds earned also facilitate the hiring of staff.

These rewards can be helpful for managing your business. Successfully completing levels unlocks monetary rewards, providing more opportunities to make vital purchases for your business. Efficiently make progress through levels, a single misstep can hinder your progress and make troubles for you.

Lumber Inc VIP Mod Menu

Features of Lumber Inc game 

Construct Your Lumber Empire 

Starting from a small shop, construct your lumber empire in this game. By completing all your orders and missions on time you can expand your business. Additionally, you can elevate  your lumber enterprise by establishing more offices, upgrading vehicles, and hiring additional staff.

Utilize the Nearby Forest

To meet client orders through tree cutting, you can tap into the nearby forest within the game. You can utilize woodcutters and  to transport wood at your main spot. Alternatively, you can opt to recruit staff to efficiently handle tree cutting, enabling the simultaneous delivery of multiple orders.

Buy Machines, devices and vehicles 

Within the framework of Idle Lumber Empire Mod Apk, procure a variety of machines, operational devices, and vehicles.  Keep engaging yourself in multiple tasks, such as creating products from the harvested trees.

Make sure streamlined accessibility for everyone by managing a substantial workforce. Invest in different machinery suitable for lumber production, log cutting, forklifts, trucks, transportation vehicles, and staff to oversee business operations. Make a team comprising a sales force, experts for marketing campaigns, management staff, and more. 

Run Your Business by Hiring Managers

Efficiently run your business by employing managers, crucial figures in its management. The game presents diverse manager types, each with unique skills designed to foster business growth. Sales managers oversee marketing endeavors, aiming to capture the maximum number of customers. Additionally, the Idle Lumber Empire game introduces numerous super managers, each possessing a variety of skills to adeptly handle multiple tasks.

Some Additional MOD Features of Lumber Inc

Unlimited Gems and Money 

Take advantage of the unlimited money and gems offered by Lumber Inc Modded version, providing gamers with unlimited resources to expedite progress, expand operations, and effortlessly enhance their lumber empire.

Advanced machinery, optimization of production lines, and establishing market dominance, resulting in the rapid growth and flourishing of your empire can be achieved through the abundant investment.  Let your entrepreneurial spirit thrive in this engaging game by grabbing the opportunity.

Free Shopping 

Experience the convenience of free shopping within Idle Lumber Empire Mod game, where essential resources and upgrades are readily available without restrictions. The Free Shopping feature facilitates swift progress, allowing you to build your lumber empire efficiently.

Make strategic purchases to optimize operations and maximize profitability, exploring various options without financial constraints.

Unlimited Everything 

With the unlimited everything feature in the MOD Apk of Lumber Inc, unlock endless possibilities,  providing boundless resources, upgrades, and more. Shape your lumber empire without limitations, exploring the game with complete freedom.

Acquire advanced machinery, expand operations effortlessly, and maximize profits without restrictions.  You can commence on a journey of exotic growth and success in the captivating realm of the Lumber, embracing the potential of limitless resources.

VIP Unlocked 

Enhance your gameplay with the VIP Unlocked feature in Idle Lumber Inc Modded Apk, gaining access to exclusive benefits and premium perks. From accelerated progress to special bonuses, VIP status takes your lumber empire to new heights.

Enjoy unmatched advantages and a fully immersive gaming experience with this coveted membership. Take control of your empire and unleash its full potential with VIP Unlocked in the world of Lumber Inc.

No Ads 

Absorb yourself in uninterrupted gameplay with Lumber Inc Mod Apk no ads feature, eliminating bothersome interruptions. Achieve  success, focus mainly on expansion of resources without any distractions. Enjoy a flawless gaming adventure, free from disruptive advertisements, as you keep engaging yourself into the alluring world of Lumber Inc Mod APK.

Lumber Inc APK Unlimited Money

How to download Lumber Inc cheats APK for Android?

  • Download the APK file to your Android smartphone, either through a web browser or by transferring files from your computer.
  • In the Downloads folder you can download your APK file.
  • Open the APK file. If you encounter a warning about installing programs from unknown sources, go to Settings and enable Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • By pressing the install key given over here, the installation process will start in no time.
  • Once you’ve enabled unknown sources, navigate to your phone’s file manager to locate the APK file.
  • When the APK file is installed, click “Open” to start the application.

Pros And Cons of Lumber Inc Modded Version


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlocking of all vehicles.
  • Access to unlimited tools and machines.
  • Infinite rewards and bonuses.
  • Unrestricted offline playtime.
  • Unlocked premium features.
  • 3D graphics for an immersive experience.


  • Only compatible with Android devices.
  • Not supported on Android versions 5.0 and older.

Final Thoughts 

Download Lumber Inc Mod Apk and step into the entrepreneurial world of the timber industry. Engage in activities such as planting trees, harvesting logs and lumbers, and manufacturing related products using available machinery and storage facilities.

Broaden your business horizon by recruiting laborers for diverse tasks, managing your operations to earn profits through the sales and transportation of wood-related products to a diverse audience. With unlimited money and coins in this mode, enjoy the convenience of effortlessly hiring laborers, accumulating wealth, and savoring the delights of a prosperous virtual life.


No, the game is suitable for teenagers and adults, making it highly recommended for those looking to venture into their own business. It permits the players to learn about basic business, serving as an educational tool.

You’ll need to find reliable sources hosting the download link Since the MOD APK version isn’t found on the Play Store. Exercise caution when exploring links or websites to avoid potential risks like data encryption from unauthentic sources.

Certainly, Lumber Inc is entirely free, and there’s no need to make any purchases to enjoy the game.

By getting the MOD version of the game , you can acquire unlimited money and gems. In this mod version, you don’t have to pay extra cash for such progress.

Yes, Lumber Inc Mod Apk can be played offline, allowing access to all its features without the need for an internet connection. However, if you’ve purchased premium features, a stable internet connection is required for their activation.

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