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April 21, 2024


Premium Unlocked

Controlling things with a single command seems like a dream. Want to have god-like powers to have your own world, make everything perfect and control everything in it? Well this seems a bit impossible but in a simulation game you can have it all as you want , your own world, creatures and control overnight things.

Worldbox MOD APK is a Sandbox simulation game in which you’re allowed to have all the god-like powers to control everything.

Worldbox APK MOD version

What is Worldbox APK?

Worldbox APK is a Sandbox simulation game in which you act like a god, creating a world , inside a box. The game is developed by Maxim Karpenko. This simulation game tells about god’s and other creature’s civilization.

Playing the role of a god you’re freely allowed to build new houses, grant people with the things you want. Help them to survive, thrive and make a civilization. You can use other features like rain, storms and other natural phenomena.

Build your own simulated world, generate creations in it, have complete control over each and everything and let them interact. We’re recommended you to download the MOD version of Worldbox as it provides much more options than regular Worldbox Game.

Introduction to Worldbox MOD APK?

Worldbox MOD APK is the modified version of the game in which some premium features are offered to you. This premium version of Worldbox APK provides everything for free. You can have unlimited money to make purchases without limitations.

Worldbox MOD APK also offers you unlimited everything with its MOD menu. Premium birds are also offered to you in this version. These  features make the simulation game more interstate for you. You can enjoy everything at no cost as this is all offered by the MOD version of the game.

While in the standard version you need to subscribe to these features to use. MOD APK of Worldbox has many features to offer you that make it a more desired game for its users.

Gameplay of Worldbox APK modified edition

The gameplay of the Worldbox is quite easy and quick to learn. This simulation game starts with when you get god-like powers in your hand. These powers let you control everything. Now you can create your own world, as you want. You’re freely allowed to make a huge variety of landscapes each with prominent features.

After creating landscapes, now you’ve to generate living things. Populate your landscape with the animals, birds and human beings. These creatures can interact with each other and this interaction is controlled by you. You make or destroy anything as you’ve the privilege to control things. Worldbox then allows you to generate a civilization.

You can build cities, farms, buildings for the sake of the creations and make your simulated world a little bit realistic. All these things play a role in the development of civilization and represent your skills. Civilization changes, creatures’ reproduction make your dynamic world ever-evolving.

The Worldbox simulation game lets you have a Sandbox experience which allows you to have freedom to build or destroy anything. Always opt for the mods of Worldbox, which enables you to enjoy the game always with new premium features.

Features of Worldbox MOD APK

The Worldbox Premium APK new updated version offers the following features to you which enhance your gaming experience and take your enjoyment to the upper level.

Make You Own World

In WorldBox, you can create a new world by adjusting various settings such as land size, island count, ocean depth, and the presence of random life forms. These choices will determine the characteristics of the generated world. Additionally, you can select landscape features and climates, such as deserts, fertile areas, forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains.

God-like Powers

Get access to God-like powers and unleash incredible forces in your own world. Whether causing earthquakes, summoning floods, or blessing your inhabitants, these godlike abilities offer players the option to bring about destruction or kindness. This feature provides a godly experience, giving players control over the destiny of living beings in your customized world.

Build Civilization

Build your civilizations through the ups and flows of time, managing resources, technological advancements, and societal evolution. WorldBox’s comprehensive system for managing civilizations enriches gameplay, requiring strategic foresight for long-term achievement. Maintaining a balance in meeting your society’s needs is essential, ensuring an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Unlimited Money

Now you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited money in this mod version of WorldBox, which grants you immediate access to a substantial amount of in-game currency. With this wealth, you can freely purchase any item without worrying about low budgets.

Worldbox MOD APK Mod Menu

Introducing a mod menu for WorldBox that provides free access to the game’s premium features. With unrestricted capabilities, you can now immerse yourself in developing your worlds without any limitations.

Free Shopping

With the free shopping feature in WorldBox Mod, players can easily obtain a wide array of premium items without spending real money or waiting too long. This feature enhances gameplay dynamics, enabling users to personalize their environments extensively, from essential structures to decorative elements.

Premium Birds

Premium users are granted access to a selection of special creatures and items, like premium birds which bring additional diversity and excitement to their virtual worlds. With mythical creatures and rare resources among the offerings, the premium version presents a rich array of possibilities.

Unlimited Everything

With WorldBox MOD APK Unlimited Everything, players can freely access resources in the WorldBox mod new updated version. Players enjoy complete control over natural disasters and realistic physics, allowing them to experiment and observe the consequences of various elements.

No sign up Required

You need not to worry about signing up or creating a new account to play this mod game. You can play the game right after its installation without any registration process, allowing you instant gameplay.

Worldbox mod menu apk

Pros And Cons of Modded Version of Worldbox


  • Have godlike powers to build your world.
  • Build your own civilization, Magical creatures.
  • Easy to use interface, Control everything.
  • Unlimited money with unlocked everything.
  • Premium features at zero cost.
  • Use natural resources, sharpen your skills


  • Needs internet connection.
  • Sometimes it gets complicated to manage so many things at a single time.
  • Standard version needs a subscription for usage of pro features.

Download Worldbox MOD Version game

With just a single tap on the green “Download” button, you can get the amazing game on your devices. Follow the given steps to have a successful installation of the game.

  • Uninstall the original version of the Worldbox APK that you got from Google Play Store.
  • Then , in your mobile security settings, allow installation of MOD APK files from “Unknown sources”.
  • Press the given download button, start the downloading process.
  • When the APK file is completely downloaded, it’s ready to install on your mobile phone.
  • If you’re facing issue with connectivity, install it later.
  • When the game is installed, it’s ready to play and enjoy.
  • Get the Android Emulator, in your Windows to install the android application in your PC.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that, Worldbox Premium Unlocked APK is the complete and perfect simulation game for those who want to have control over things and have management skills. This simulation game also help to those who need to polish their management skills.

You can build your own simulated world , make creatures in it, use natural powers , make each and everything perfect. You can use the natural resources to make things more appealing. Worldbox MOD APK allows you to enjoy all the premium features for free.

Worldbox MOD menu offers you unlimited money, with everything unlimited and unlocked and premium birds. All these features are free to use but when you get the standard version from Google Play Store, you need to get the paid subscription.

So Opt for the World I MOD APK, get complete control over things, sharpen your skills by managing a miniature simulation of the world , enjoy your god-like powers and conquer the gaming world through your skills!


MODs games always have some security concerns but if you get the app from a trustworthy website such as PuredAPK, there’s no need to worry about security and safety.

The mod game gets regular updates.  From this website you can get a regularly updated version of the game with pro features.

Normally, after getting an updated version of the game , your data isn’t lost. It’s completely safe and secure.

This simulation game let you to make the things according to your will. Everything in this game is simulated. Not even a single thing has its impact in reality.

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