Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK v3.23.1 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked all)

Frag Pro shooter mod apk


Frag Pro Shooter


Oh Bibi



191 MB




July 9, 2024


Unlocked MOD Menu

Download Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK with unlimited money, customizable characters, and multiple modes, if you’re enthusiast of PvP action games. The game’s superb sound system and high-definition visuals will force you to become obsessed.

What is Frag Pro Shooter APK?

Frag Pro Shooter APK is an action-packed, free-to-play fast-paced game developed by Oh Bibi that combines shooting and tactical elements. This game snatches the attention of the players due to its unmatched graphics, thrilling gameplay, and intuitive interface. You’ve up to 100 heroes to choose from, and create your dream team and perform well in the battle. 

Its goal is to destroy the rival team’s camp while saving your own. With the 1 versus 1 duel feature and team-based 2v2 battles, you may take on opponents worldwide. Players can employ a variety of weapons and power-ups throughout the game to give them an edge over rivals.

Frag pro shooter unlimited money

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK has similar gameplay to the original version of Frag Pro Shooter APK but comes with extra pro features and premium content available unlocked for you. Moreover, it also provides unlimited money, gems, and coins that can be used to unlock the mode menu and enhance your gaming thrill. This in-game currency is beneficial for you to purchase new weapons that give you ultra-strength to win the battle.

The inclusion of new maps and locations in the latest version of Frag Pro Shooter APK MOD allows you to make strategies and show your skills to defeat your opponents in battle. These newly added maps make you free to make strategies and new plans for your defense and kill your rivals.

Frag Pro Shooter APK Gameplay

FRAG Pro Shooter is generally easy to play and upgrade. There are two joystick operations: moving and targets. The automatic fire function will activate if an adversary is present. Not too many procedures are required to operate the character owing to the FRAG Pro Shooter support interface. 

You can utilize five characters in combat. Every time you die in FRAG, you have the option to come back and select one of the four living characters. The game does not center around any one thing. At the starting point, both teams have equal points and the team with the most kills of the opposite team at the end gets the victory crown.

Features Of MOD APK Frag Pro Shooter

Unlimited Money and gems

If you’re crazy about collecting coins and gems, then download the Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK to get infinite gems and money that will be used to purchase in-game equipment.

Matchless graphics

The graphics of Frag Pro Shooter APK are incredibly stunning elevate the gaming experience, and boost your fun. The incredible elements that are done in such an outstanding way in the game engage and delight players.

Unlocked Characters

When you’re playing the standard version of Frag Pro Shooter APK, you’ve to pay some coins to unlock the characters. But the Modded version of Frag Pro  Shooter APK gives you the advantage of saving your money as it offers all the characters unlocked. You can select your team heroes without paying a single penny.

Character Transition

The game offers you unlimited characters to choose from, you can select five heroes to compete with your rivals. Each hero has distinct abilities and strengths. To deal with the different situations players have to make sharp strategies and they can choose different characters according to their needs. Once you die in the battle, you can use your remaining characters to carry on the game and take on your rivals.   

Unique Heroes

Players can personalize their teams according to their strategy with the game’s broad range of heroes, each comes with unique skills, styles, personalities, and special powers. FRAG Pro Shooter has Real-time, team-based short, furious battles that keep players alert and involved and allow the players to show their creative and pro abilities on the battlefield.

One Shot Kill

Another inclusion in the latest version of Frag Pro Shooter APK that has excited the game enthusiast is the one-shot kill. Now you have the opportunity to kill your rivals in just one shot and win the battle quite safely.

Frag Pro shooter mod game

Limitless Customization

You’re allowed to customize all the settings like the control setting, audio setting, and graphics setting according to your needs and choice. 

Upgrade and customize characters

Another exciting feature of Frag Pro Shooter APK MOD is upgrading and customizing characters. Using this feature you can easily modify the skin, strengths, and appearance of your heroes which can be advantageous for you to win the game.

Mod Menu

Frag Pro Shooter APK MOD gives you a diverse range of mod menu features including,

  • Aimbot
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited coins and Gems

With the use of Mod menu features, you can acquire endless amounts of coins and gems, which you can use to buy different skins, weapons, and characters. You can hit your targets more easily because of the FRAG Pro shooter Mod menu Aimbot feature, which automatically hits at the enemy. With the God Mode function, you become unattackable and may defeat numerous opponents without getting any form of injury. 

No Ads

The latest version of the MOD APK Frag Pro Shooter comes with a no-ad feature. This feature gives you ad-free gameplay so that you can completely focus on your target and make plans quickly to compete with your enemy.

Free shopping

Everyone loves shopping but is worried about low budget. The FRAG Pro Shooter APK MOD version allows you to shopping for free and modify your appearance by changing your outfit and adding more stuff to your collection. By purchasing in-game premium products, you can surprise all of your friends. You can purchase more heroes and improved weapons to strengthen your defenses against foes.

Frag Pro shooter mod menu

What’s New in the Latest Modded Version of Frag Pro Shooter APK

  • About 100 customizable characters.
  • Latest Maps and locations.
  • Create and join clubs.
  • Unlimited money. Coins and gems.
  • Premium unlocked.

Is MOD Frag Pro Shooter APK available for PC users?

Yeah, of course, you can get Frag Pro Shooter APK on your PC device with the help of the most preferred PC emulators NOXplayer, LDplayer, and blueStack.

How to download Frag Pro Shooter Modded APK

  • facilitates you to get the latest and most recent virus-free version of FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK.
  • Pressing the download button will start the downloading process.
  • Locate the downloaded FRAG Pro Shooter APK file in the file manager on your device after the download is finished.
  • To accomplish this process, go to the settings on your device, choose “Security,” and then turn on “Unknown Sources.”
  • To install the software on your smartphone, click the FRAG Pro shooter MOD APK download and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will get access to the Frag pro-MOD game, open it, and start your fun.

Why Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK?


  • A variety of characters make the gameplay more engaging and attractive.
  • Lightweight( Get small space in ROM storage).
  • Unlimited customization( You’re allowed to modify and upgrade your heroes, weapons, and other accessories).
  • Training clubs( You can join existing clubs for training and also create your own).
  • Provide updated versions with new and updated features frequently.
  • Easy to understand and user-friendly interface.
  • Available free and accessible for everyone.


  • While playing the Frag Pro Shooter APK you must have a strong interconnection. If the internet connectivity is poor, you must face troubles in gaming, which may not prove good for you to win the game.
  • This game is a strategic game, which may be difficult for some newcomers.
  • Its outclass graphics make the gameplay more interesting but may not be supported by some old devices and give lag issues.
  • Battery drainage issues also counted on some devices.

Final Thoughts

The objective of this dynamic multiplayer game is to get rid of Players of the other team by eliminating them. It’s important to note that arcade features like automatic shooting and the requirement to select strategic alternatives encourage you to decide how you will operate in battle.

You’ll have access to over 40 distinct characters simultaneously, each with their special skills. Complex settings, a large variety of weaponry, superb three-dimensional graphics, and lively animation are all carefully integrated into the arcade project that is FRAG Pro Shooter mod APK. 

The game is a perfect balance of depth and simplicity, appealing to both casual players looking for quick thrills and die-hard fans seeking competitive challenges. While user-friendly controls and adjustable settings guarantee an immersive and distinctive gaming experience for players of all skill levels, constant updates guarantee dynamic gameplay.


Yes, Frag Pro Shooter APK is available offline, but to play the multiplayer mod you must use a strong connection for the game.

Yes, the modded version of APK Frag Pro Shooter is 100% safe.

No, there won’t be anything you need to do on your phone.

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